The structure of the quadratic programming problem

(The desired parameters can be set
with the mouse or keys "Tab" and "arrows")

Matrix view of the quadratic form

F = (X,AX) + (L,X)

F = (1/2)(X,HX) + (L,X)

Job type

find maximum F in the domain D

find minimum F in the domain D

Number of function F arguments
3    4    5   

Number of inequalities that constrain the domain D

(the standard form: Ck1x1 + Ck2x2 + ...< bk)

1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8   

Inequality of type xi > 0 also be included in this amount,
but to indicate as -xi < 0.

  To specify the domain D with the general form constraints:
      inequality in any side,
      equality constraints
  you can run qp.exe